The Vitamin D Debate

Many studies have reported associations between low vitamin D levels and poor health outcomes. However it is not known if routine vitamin D supplementation would improve health outcomes. A new study reports that vitamin D supplements, despite their popularity, do not seem to have significant benefits for heart health, cancer prevention or even bone health in healthy people. Despite the reported lack of benefits of vitamin supplementation in healthy people, it must be emphasized that people with true vitamin deficiency should still receive treatment to correct the deficiency. Vitamin D deficiency can result in osteomalacia, a condition marked by inadequate mineralization of bones. This can give rise to body aches, muscle weakness and bone fragility.


The Power of the Sun


Sunlight may help to reduce high blood pressure, a danger factor for heart attacks and stroke, a study published in a specialist journal said recently. Adequate sun exposure are well known to boost vitamin D levels in the body, with a positive effect on bone health. Recent studies have established a link between vitamin D deficiency and metabolic disorders (a group of disorders including hypertension, diabetes and cholesterol problems that increases the risk of heart disease). While too much of a good thing may not be good (excessive sun exposure are a risk for skin cancers), some amount of sun might just be helpful for your bones and metabolic profile.