One in Nine Singaporean Adults are Obese

One in nine Singaporean adults aged between 18 to 69 years were obese in a survey in 2010, and Singapore’s obesity rate is increasing at about 1 per cent per year. It is likely the obesity rate currently in 2014 is even higher. Many people frown upon obesity because of the negative vibe in terms of physical appearance. But the true perils of obesity lies in its associated metabolic disorders (including diabetes, hypertension, hypercholesterolemia), and the complications downstream as a result of these metabolic disorders. These complications include heart disease, stroke, sleep apnea, gallstones and even cancers. The incidence of these metabolic disorders and their complications will most certainly aggravate as the obesity rate increases further. However, not all is lost. Obesity and its associated metabolic disorders can be treated to good effect as long as the patient is motivated and is positive about working with the doctor to optimize their metabolic profile.


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